Relieve daily tension, relax sore muscles, and restore natural balance with our healing massage therapies.


Our Massage Services

Swedish Massage   Light to medium pressure 25/50/80-minute   $48/$80/$110
Relax and unwind with our popular Swedish massage incorporating long, smooth, rolling strokes of light to medium pressure to promote relaxation and achieve full body balance.

Therapeutic Massage   Medium to firm pressure   25/50/80-minute $48/$80/$110
Revel in just the right pressure- not too little, and not too much- with a Therapeutic massage. The medium to firm pressure helps alleviate pain, tension, and stress.

Deep Tissue   strong pressure   25/50/80-minute   $55/$90/$125
Experience the rejuvenating effects of a deep tissue massage. This intense indulgence focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to help provide relief from chronic tension and muscle pain.

Sports Massage   firm to strong pressure   25/50/80-minute   $55/$90/$125
Improve range of motion and restore body alignment with a massage incorporating stretches and trigger point techniques that release and give special attention to muscles that are used repetitively during activity.

Hot Stone Massage   light to medium pressure   50/80-minute   $90/$125
This relaxing massage harnesses the restorative power of thermotherapy. Direct application of warm stones on the skin helps to effectively deliver heat to the muscles, helping to achieve full body relaxation.

Prenatal Massage   light to medium pressure   25/50-minute   $55/$90
A gentle, relaxing full-body massage designed to help bring relief from muscle tension and discomfort during pregnancy. (Must be at least 13 weeks pregnant.)

Couple's Massage (Swedish or Therapeutic) (per person)   50/80-minute    $85/$115
Treat yourself and a companion to the ultimate moment in relaxation with a dual massage in one of our couple’s rooms. 

Couple's Massage (*Deep Tissue, Sports or Hot Stone*) 50/80-minute   $95/$130

*All massage service times are "hands on" time

Enhance your massage with these Great add-ons:

Pick 1 for $15  |  Pick 2 for $25  |  Pick 3 for $35
    • Aromatherapy Upgrade
    • Aromatherapy Footbath
    • Back or Foot Exfoliation
    • Back or Foot Masque
    • Shea Butter Foot Massage
    • Warm Oil Scalp Massage
    • Warm Stone Foot Massage